Our Values


Each of us was born for a purpose, with potential to thrive in our own unique way. Every person, adult or child, is inherently valuable and worthy of the highest possible quality service.


Jesus is our unchanging source of hope. Our work is driven by the belief that whatever the circumstances, amazing things are possible.


We believe that God is love and deeply loves each one of us. As Christians we are instructed to love our neighbour, and to put our love into action. Love is at the heart of all we do.


Differences are part of the perfect way that God has made us. Jesus accepted everyone and challenged prejudice and judgementalism; we want people to know they are safe and accepted.


We believe in a God who is trustworthy and keeps his promises. In the same way, we want to be worthy of trust in our relationships with one another and our community; a place of safety to play, heal and grow.