Our ESOL programme helps migrant parents and carers grow their English language skills and confidence so that families can make friends, access essential services, take next steps into training, volunteering or employment and live life to the full in the UK!

During LOCKDOWN 2021 learners will be taught remotely through online classes and workpacks. We are still accepting new learners into our groups, so please contact us if you know a parent who would like to join one of our groups

ESOL in Touch

Oct - Dec 2020
For beginner (EL1) - intermediate (EL3) learners
Practice your English and stay up-to-date through our speaking and listening activities focused around the latest news, including health advice and updates to Covid-19 rules.

ESOL for Wellbeing

Online, women only
Oct - Dec 2020
For intermediate and up (EL2+) learners
Conversational English and physical activity sessions, with a focus on improving health and wellbeing

Start With English

Women only
Oct 2020 - July 2021
For beginner readers and writers
Learn to read and write letters of the alphabet, short words while developing basic speaking, IT and reading skills for life in the UK.

Literacy Mentors and Conversation Friends

Learners receive an hour of one-to-one weekly support from an English-speaking volunteer, building spoken language/literacy skills, increasing confidence and reducing isolation

Call or email for more information or to register for classes