Our ESOL programme helps migrant women grow their English language skills and confidence so that families can make friends, access essential services, take next steps into training, volunteering or employment and live life to the full in the UK!

Please call us on 0207 987 1949 to book an assessment before attending for the first time


ESOL for Progression (10-11am)

For intermediate and up (EL2+) learners
A conversation course focused on increasing confidence speaking English while learning about health and wellbeing

Start with English (1:30-2:30pm)

For beginner (pre-EL1) learners


ESOL Cafe 1:30-2:30pm

For beginner (EL1) - intermediate (EL3) learners
Make new friends and practice your spoken English at our weekly conversation cafe. Our practical speaking and listening activities will increase your confidence to use English in everyday situations such as at the GP, dentist and at the shops, and also help you learn more about British culture.


ESOL Life Skills 11-12pm

For beginner/lower intermediate (EL1+) learners
Increase independence in everyday life, covering speaking, listening and basic IT skills needed to access to banking, health services, schools and other services.

Free creche for children aged 6+ months is available at most classes, please let us know in advance to book