Early Years

Did you know that young children learn best just by playing? As you play with, respond to, talk with and cuddle your children you are helping build their brains at the same time!

Our friendly play sessions for ages 0-4 are free, safe and give you and your child the chance to learn, play, meet other parents and get advice and support.

All Early Years sessions are paused during summer holidays

BRIGHT START (babies 0-15months)

MONDAYS 1-2pm. Drop-in.

A weekly get-together for parents and their babies 0-15months with:
- opportunities to meet other parents, share experiences and feel more connected
- song and rhyme time
- fun activities you can also try at home with your baby or toddler
- a chance to ask questions and get advice from our friendly team


Baby Massage is a calming way to connect with your baby and can also help improve sleep and relieve pain from colic.
Our free course normally runs for 4 weeks for 1 hour per week.

Our next course start dates are:

Tuesday 26th September 2023 11-12pm

Please call to book your place

SING TOGETHER (0-4 years)

THURSDAYS 10-11am. Drop in.

Have fun with music, movement, songs and instruments while also helping your child build the foundations for speech and language.

Little Explorers (ages 16months - 4 years)

TUESDAYS 1-2.15pm. Please call to book in.

A wonderful group that focuses on building children’s communication skills. Together we will:

  • do activities to develop our speech and language skills
  • have fun through play, including messy play and arts and crafts
  • opportunities to meet other parents, share experiences and feel more connected
  • mini-workshops with a chance to ask questions and get tips from our team on topics relevant to your toddler such as sleep, tantrums, fussy eating etc.


Information and advice on supporting your child’s learning and development in the early years, as well as a chance to meet other parents for support and to share experiences.

Past workshops include:

Nutrition for 0-12 months

Little Talkers

Building Children’s Brains

Find out how play can help your child learn and develop.
Find out more about screens affects young children’s brains and get tips on managing screen time at home.
Explore new ways of helping your child learn through play.

We also integrate advice and information sessions into our stay-and-play group sessions, so come along to those for more tips, advice and to share experiences.


We are here to help, so do contact us if you have any worries, questions or could use some extra support.

To ask to join a group or for more information (including about how we are keeping things Covid-safe) call our friendly early years team:

Joanna (English, Twi) 07732 886 882

Dipinty (Bengali, English) 07546 172 660.